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Holidays? Xmas? Christmas? What is This Season Anyway?

Presented by Niánn Emerson Chase

Holiday Issues

I recall that in December 2005, President and Mrs. Bush came under much criticism from certain conservative Christians who were unhappy with the wording on the card sent from the White House. These critics complained that since the Bush’s are Christians and Christmas is a Christian holiday, they should have used the word Christmas on the card rather than holidays. In the seven years since then, there has been an increasing conflict between the conservative Christians whose agenda is to keep the holidays “Christian” and the non-Christian religionists and non-religious to keep all signs of Christianity out of the holidays.

This is a season that Christians as well as those of other religions enjoy their particular traditions, and the citizenry of the United States is comprised of people of many religions, nationalities, and subcultures. Regardless of religious and cultural leanings, most people (including the nonreligious) in this country celebrate this season, for almost every aspect of society is permeated with utilizing the “holiday season” that starts around Thanksgiving and ends after New Year’s Day.

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