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Presented by Gabriel of Urantia & Niánn Emerson Chase

to members and guests of Global Community Communications Church at a World-Wide Sunday Service

Teaching by Niánn Emerson Chase

When I started thinking about the topic of overcoming, I realized immediately that I could go in many directions on this. There’s so much that all of us human beings have to overcome in order to have a life of dignity, purpose, fulfillment, and happiness. In many places on the planet millions of people have much to overcome in order to merely stay alive; they don’t even consider the quality of their lives, just that they survive another hour or another day.

In considering my own overcoming processes throughout the years, I have come to the conclusion that the largest blockage to my peace of mind and enjoyment of life has been myself.

The Smeagol-Gollum Syndrome

For you who have watched the last couple of years the Lord of the Rings series of films, I’m sure, like me, you will remember for a long time the creature Gollum who was consumed with getting his “preciousssss” back. When the good and sincere hobbit, Frodo, met Gollum, he recognized something in him. Frodo recognized that at one time Gollum had been a more comely, kinder, lovable personality. In fact, Gollum belonged to a people similar to the gentle hobbits. What happened to Gollum? What circumstances and choices led to Gollum’s monstrous physical appearance and his pitifully devious and deadly ways?

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