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Do You Find God or Does God Find You?

Presented by Niánn Emerson Chase

to members and guests of Global Community Communications Church at a World-Wide Sunday Service

Lately we’ve been watching with the kids documentaries about different animals. Last evening we watched a National Geographic special on wolves. Frankly, often when looking for something worthwhile to see on television we select a program that portrays animal life because the portrayals of human life are not as interesting and or as uplifting. We humans are in a terrible dilemma if the only thing that is worthwhile to see on television many nights are programs about animals. I have often expressed my own disappointments in the mass consciousness of human beings and in the highly complex, technically-developed dominant culture that perpetuates many values not too far above animalism. In fact, at times animals have displayed more humane characteristics than many humans.

In studying the patterns of a pack of wolves, we can see many things that humans have in common with them a strong urge to survive, the ability to adapt in order to stay alive, the tendency to create some form of a society with a group, a hierarchy of leadership within society, the ability to work and play as a team as well as functioning as individuals, displays of concern and tenderness for others of their species as well as actions of extreme cruelty and viciousness. In the program I recently watched, I even observed what I would consider jealousy displayed in some of the wolves.

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