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Unity Without Uniformity

Presented by Gabriel of Urantia and Niánn Emerson Chase

to members and guests of Global Community Communications Church at a World-Wide Sunday Service

(Also available in the book, Global Change Teachings for the New Millennium, Series Three)

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Teaching by Niánn Emerson Chase

In the fall of 1998 we had three teachings at three different times at a Sunday service on unity without uniformity. The URANTIA Book discusses in several places unity without uniformity. We’re in a wonderful season of the year right now, and this has been an especially beautiful spring for us here in the Sedona area. We can learn so much about unity without uniformity from the natural world. We can learn much about relativity within absolutes by observing the natural world. We can learn about commonality with diversity by communing with the natural world. So next time you get out for your walks or go to sit out in your yard or driving down the road, take note of the natural world. Forget the asphalt and concrete of the road. If you are a passenger you can notice even more. Look in the sky. What life is in the sky? Look at the rock formations. What does the natural world have to teach you? What is God saying to you through the natural world?

I love flowers and this is the season for flowers. Consider the rose. The rose comes in many sizes. It comes in many colors. But there is a uniformity with the rose. You know a rose whether it’s very large or whether it’s small, whether it’s fully opened or whether it’s a bud. You know it’s a rose because it has a blueprint, a pattern. There is some uniformity to it to make a rose a rose. Consider irises. Why do we know they are irises? There are different colors; there are different kinds, but they have uniformity to them that makes them irises. If you look closely at the iris it can teach you something. Clistine wrote a beautiful poem about the iris. The iris taught her something. It reflected divine pattern, and it reflected the beauty of the Trinity. I’d like to share that poem with you now.

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