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Rendezvousing With The Rainbow: Building Bridges to Higher Healing

Presented by Niánn Emerson Chase

to members and guests of Global Community Communications Church at a World-Wide Sunday Service

(Also available in the book, Teachings on Healing, Second Edition)

Recently, while visiting some of my family, I walked Dean Star Dancer’s land and was saddened by the deadness and emptiness that I felt. During my growing-up years, Dean had been a close friend of my family’s. As a child I would often go to her place for hot chocolate, laughter, and a good story. When I was in high school I would weekly visit Dean after school before going home. By that time it was I who was telling the stories and making her laugh, for Dean had become deeply grieved in her remaining few years. We had many serious discussions about religion, relationships, and reality. Dean was first a mentor to me when I was a child, and I then became hers in my youth and in her declining days.

After retiring, Dean moved from the Los Angeles area to her place near an Indian reservation here in Arizona. She had dreams for that place and for her life. Retirement for Dean was a rebirth, a new way of being and existing. She left one identity in California to create another one in Arizona. Most of the family, especially her children, did not understand her choice. Most were embarrassed by her and possibly considered her move as a mental breakdown, and after her death, her children had no interest in the nonmaterial legacy that she had left. They were interested in the material inheritance of real estate and finances, but not those personal items that reflected the move into her new identity and life. What was that move that Dean made?

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