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True Independence or True Liberty and Freedom, an Independence Day Fourth-Dimensional Message

Presented by Niánn Emerson Chase

to members and guests of Global Community Communications Church at a World-Wide Sunday Service

(Also available in the book,Global Change Teachings for the New Millennium, Series Three)

The Fourth of July is an American celebration of freedom within democracy. Some other countries have their celebrations of freedom within their form of government. I had been taught in school and instructed by my parents that the Fourth of July was a celebration of our country breaking free from England and pursuing democracy. I also learned very early that the fireworks that seemed so colorful, but noisy, represented bombs bursting in air. My family celebrated the Fourth by getting together with family and friends and picnicking and sometimes going to see the fireworks. But often we were out in the wilderness somewhere and had a quiet alcohol-free celebration under the stars, enjoying the companionship of close family and friends. I observed how many other Americans celebrated and was not at all impressed. I’m still not impressed with all of the noise, the drinking, the partying, and the “bombs bursting in air” that seem to go along with the Fourth of July. I’m also turned off to the world of advertising that takes advantage of any holiday, sacred or secular, to make more money. The Fourth of July seems to be an empty, superficial acknowledgment of America’s free way of life as a result of democracy. Read the rest of this entry »