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Universal Unity Without Uniformity: How Can the People of Two Different Planets Be Unified, Yet Uniquely Different?

Presented by Gabriel of Urantia and Niánn Emerson Chase

to members and guests of Global Community Communications Church at a World-Wide Sunday Service

Teaching by Niann Emerson Chase:

War and Conflict

How many of you become sick at heart and really discouraged you read the newspaper or different news magazines, watch the news on television or listen to it on the radio, or just in your daily travels when you look upon the world and realize the terrible dilemmas that are challenging humankind? These dilemmas are challenging humans on every level. How many of you at times become sick at heart and feel a sense of sadness and grief over the state of the world? How many of you get disgusted with yourselves when you become aware of those times when you have contributed to that dilemma?

Think of the situations where you are right now experiencing conflict and a lack of unity. Is that situation with another individual; is it with an organization; or is it with the entire world? Do you still feel like you have to take on the whole world and that you are in conflict with the entire world? Or is that conflictive situation, rather than being external, more internalized with the lack of unity being within you? Are you struggling with God? Do you feel turmoil and conflict with yourself as if you’re in battle, not with God, but with yourself? Do you experience what seems like an unending conflict between your own personal desires and what you think you should be doing? Are you confused because you don’t even know what you should be doing, but you know that what you are doing you shouldn’t be doing? That’s war. That’s war within self. Read the rest of this entry »