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Creating a Divine New Order Movement

Presented by Gabriel of Urantia and Niánn Emerson Chase

to members and guests of Global Community Communications Church at a World-Wide Sunday Service

(Also available in the book, Global Change Teachings for the New Millennium, Series Two)
Teaching by Niánn Emerson Chase

Think what it would mean on your world if somewhere ¦there were a world center of civilization, a great planetary university of culture, which had functioned uninterruptedly for 37,000 years. And again, pause to consider how the moral authority of even such an ancient center would be reinforced were there situated not far distant, still another and older headquarters of celestial ministry whose traditions would exert a cumulative force of 500,000 years of integrated evolutionary influence. (The URANTIA Book, p. 587:01)

We would have a different world today, wouldn’t we? If Caligastia had not participated in the Lucifer Rebellion 200,000 years ago, we would have that celestial headquarters, that planetary sacred headquarters. If Adam and Eve had not defaulted in their mission about 37,000 years ago, we would still have that world center of civilization, that great planetary university culture, and we would probably be moving close to the first stage of light and life or be in those high planetary mortal epochs that are of mansion world status. Obviously, we are not there now. Last week we talked about how barbaric our cultures are here on this planet. Even the high-tech society, compared to divine pattern and from the celestial spirit’s perspective, is very barbaric. But now it is our responsibility in Divine Administration to bring forth that world center of civilization, that planetary university of culture, and a headquarters of celestial spirit ministry that will establish new traditions based on cosmic revelation. Read the rest of this entry »

Creating a Spiritual Global Movement

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