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Unselfishness as a Tool to Find Happiness, Peace, and Fulfillment. The Secrets That Everyone Hears About But Few Practice

Presented by Gabriel of Urantia & Niánn Emerson Chase

to members and guests of Global Community Communications Church at a World-Wide Sunday Service

Teaching by Niánn Emerson Chase

The Disease of Self1

The conclusion that individuals with spiritized (not necessarily religious) minds come to is that most problems in our world come from selfishness, on a personal level as well as on all societal levels. I realize that sounds too simple for a multi-layered, complex, highly technical dominant society, but sometimes, in order to get to the root of those numerous, overwhelming problems, going to the very basic foundation of what something is built upon is the beginning of moving towards real, deep problem-solving. Let’s face it, we live in a profit-motivated, selfish civilization that, frankly, strongly influences the rest of the world, and, in reality, controls most of what goes on in the world. Yes, yes, there are individuals, groups, organizations, and facets of government whose motives are less selfish and based more on service for the betterment of all of humankind, but they don’t seem to rule the world, not yet anyway. And of course there are businesses and corporations that contribute much to the well-being of individuals and civilization, and there are those who indeed use money as a tool for improving the lives of others. But, as long as laws are formed and implemented that protect people in “high places” of power from having to be morally and socially responsible, personal and societal corruption will just become more entrenched in the consciousness of most people, for selfishness (with all of its manifestations) will be the accepted norm.

The United States of America was founded on certain “inalienable rights,” including the right for individuals to pursue happiness. Unfortunately, without spiritized values that align with divine pattern, the perusal of happiness can become selfish-absorbed with self, not balanced with a sense of responsibility and service towards others. Michael Nagler, Professor Emeritus at the University of California at Berkley and author of The Search for a Nonviolent Future, has this to say about U.S. society:

American culture, overwhelmingly that of the commercial mass media, creates in millions of people a self-centered, materialistic worldview, which in turn strongly supports a totalitarian politics. Egocentric politicians appeal to the egotism in each of us. When that egotism is inflated, narcissistic “leaders” (they are really more like mass followers) come strongly to power.2

The URANTIA Book indicates that most problems that plague individuals and groups of people stem from not distinguishing between true and false liberty. “True liberty is the associate of genuine self-respect; false liberty is the consort of self-admiration.“3 Having self-respect is very different from self-admiration (being self-absorbed and selfish). One comes from the spirit within and the other comes from the ego; one takes into consideration the well-being of others and the other is only concerned for one’s own comfort and satisfaction, regardless of the impact on others.

In that section about true and false liberty in The URANTIA Book we are strongly admonished:

There is no error greater than that species of self-deception which leads intelligent beings to crave the exercise of power over other beings for the purpose of depriving these persons of their natural liberties. The golden rule of human fairness cries out against all such fraud, unfairness, selfishness, and unrighteousness. Only true and genuine liberty is compatible with the reign of love and the ministry of mercy.4

Gregg Krech, author, therapist, and cofounder of the ToDo Institute, states:

If you look at the conflicts in the world today from a Naikan perspective [a form of Japanese spiritual reflection] specifically the conflicts where the United States is involved you would begin to understand why people in other countries would have the attitude they do toward the U.S. When we begin to ask, “What troubles and difficulties have we caused others?” there’s an opening for compassion toward people who hate us, who are fighting against us. The answers for our global situation are the same as the answers for our personal situations. We have to be able to get beyond this intense self-absorption and self-focus ¦.Do we really want 290 million self-absorbed people preoccupied with personal happiness? Can we really build a healthy society based on everybody being self-focused?5

Various Thoughts on Selfishness

What is selfishness? How is it manifested in our daily personal lives? How is it manifested in your thought processes? [The following comments are from different individuals in the audience.]

  • “I think from a celestial perspective, most of us human beings no matter how accomplished we may be in certain areas, how gifted, how rich we seem like children to them. We haven’t grown up. We haven’t grown out of our selfishness. When we are children we are bound to be selfish, for that is the nature of children, but if we fail to mature into more responsibility we continue to be selfish. My own self-absorption is really within immaturity, failure to become spiritually mature.”
  • “In our society in general we are taught to be independent, and along with that our selfishness becomes automatic. In places of tribal cultures there is an attitude that it takes a village to raise a child, a whole different concept than in our society. So I think part of our selfishness is societal what we grew up with and what we [in Global Community Communications] are all trying to get over.”
  • “For me in my daily life when something comes up that interrupts my routine, my first thought will be ‘How will it impact me?’ whether it is one of the kids crying or a friend asking for help in something. My reaction often is: ‘I want to rest, do I have to do that now?’ or ‘Well, I don’t feel like doing that now.’ I get so concerned with how I am being personally impacted rather than being concerned with serving or helping somebody else.”
  • “I see my selfishness projected in resentment and ingratitude.”
  • “Envy and jealousy is what I was thinking of with my selfishness. I see selfish thoughts in my mind pop up: ‘So and so got that and why didn’t I get that?’ ‘Nobody recognizes me’.”
  • “I think, speaking personally, of self-assertion that raises its ugly head, when very often I make decisions that I think are going to serve myself best (and hopefully everybody else), but am actually looking towards myself and my own comfort in that as well.”

A lot of these selfish thoughts, reactions, and responses are very human, very natural. Yet we humans are being asked to ascend out of that lower humanness into a higher humanness, and that higher humanness is the destiny for every single one of us evolutionary mortals if we choose to embrace it.

The Impact of the Lucifer Manifesto

Most of us here in this room are students of The URANTIA Book, and we have been looking at how the Lucifer manifesto has manifested in ourselves in the 21st century and how it is manifested in the world and in the society we live in the dominant culture of Western civilization. Aspects of the Lucifer Manifesto permeate every little nook and cranny of the dominant culture. One of the main concepts Lucifer taught was self-assertion, which stems basically from pride. Pride was Lucifer’s downfall, and pride is a very “normal” natural thing in us human beings, at least on this planet.

Lucifer wasn’t a human being; he was a Primary Lanonandek Son, but he had a terrible case of pride, just as many evolutionary mortals do. From my understanding as a student of The URANTIA Book, lower emotions, such as arrogance and selfish pride, do not seem to be evident in personalities higher than Primary Lanonandek Sons. For example, Melchizedeks and beings above their order do not manifest that kind of pride, but it can be a problem with Primary Lanonandek Sons and increasingly in the lower orders of personalities. We humans, being on the very bottom rung of personalities ascending towards perfection, have acute displays of lower emotions, which are considered normal and natural, and yet God is asking us to move out of that level of normality into a higher circle of consciousness that is considered normal on higher worlds.

The whole life of Jesus, when Michael of Nebadon bestowed here on Urantia [Earth], was to show us how, as human beings on this fallen world, we can live a life of perfection and selflessness on that level. (You see, there are degrees of perfection within divine pattern, and what is acceptable within divine pattern on our earthly world may not be acceptable on a seventh mansion world of morontia reality, and what is appropriate on a seventh mansion world may not be on a higher constellation world, and what is considered perfection on a constellation world may be very imperfect on the much higher spirit levels of the Havona worlds.)

With Lucifer’s self-assertion comes the aversion to submitting to those in eldership and leadership within divine pattern. We should not submit to any kind of leadership that is infantile or downright stupid or unethical. Leadership in divine pattern is something that we do need to submit to, and when we don’t it is a form of selfishness. Selfishness and self-assertion is what Lucifer taught in his manifesto and that is why he then, deviated from the rule and the leadership of Michael of Nebadon, denying the existence of the Universal Father, and accusing the corps of finaliters who were working closely at the time in Divine Administration of being misleading liars. (Understanding the ramifications of the Lucifer Rebellion takes many years of study.)

Spiritized Therapies

Western psychology is filled with therapies based on narcissism. Think of all of the self-help books that you have read that are based on you getting your selfish wants and desires fulfilled, on you being happy. I’ve met many people who have spent years, even decades, in therapy and are still just as miserable and unhappy now as they were when they first started their therapy. What happened to the healing?

Gregg Krech (who I referred to earlier) is a therapist who uses a higher, more spiritized therapy that is based on getting out of your selfishness and into compassion. He uses as his foundation a spiritual practice based upon a Japanese tradition called Naikan which is a form of self-reflection.6 Naikan translates into “inside-looking/ inner observation, seeing one’s self through the mind’s eye.” Here in Divine Administration we refer to it as looking at one’s self through the divine mind’s eye, and we are in the Melchizedek Schools of self evaluation, with us cooperating with the Threefold Spirit within us.

Naikan is structured to focus our attention on our own conduct in relationship with our parents, siblings, friends, partners, co-workers, neighbors, and anyone else with whom we interact. The URANTIA Book indicates that ascension is all about relationships how we relate to God, to the spiritual living forces, and to each other. The focus of the morontia training on the system and constellation worlds for us evolutionary mortals is learning how to relate in a higher way with other personalities, how to cooperate, how to coordinate, how to minister, how to love in a more divine way.

Naikan encourages us to accept life’s events rather than become mired in our feelings about what has happened to us. Instead of being the victim, we grow up and focus upon the world around us and the other persons in that world. In order for us to heal and ascend we must recognize the aspects of the selfish parts in us, the facets of the Lucifer Manifesto with us, and then do something about it! No whining and sniveling allowed for those who are truly trying to heal, to grow up, to ascend.

Rather than selfishly moaning and groaning about what life has done to us, how others have hurt and betrayed us, morontia counseling here in Divine Administration (and on the mansion worlds) leads us out of expressing anger and blaming others to experiencing self-examination and gratitude. If we cooperate with the Threefold Spirit of God in us and with the program set up for each of us here in Divine Administration, we will ascend healing, selflessness, gratitude, service, and compassion. And we will increasingly experience happiness and inner peace more than unhappiness, frustration, resentment, and fear.

We have to do some research on our lives, which can be initially terrifying since we’ve been programmed by the third dimensional culture to frantically run away from self-contemplation, from experiencing the dark night of the soul. We have to reprogram ourselves by collecting data, analyzing the data, and coming to some conclusions using the standards of Fifth Epochal Revelation and Continuing to do this rather than the third dimensional foundation of pride, selfishness, and egotisim. We have to see the Luciferic lie of narcissism that the third dimensional society is permeated with.

Michael Nagler, Professor Emeritus at the University of California at Berkley and author of the book The Search for a Nonviolent Future states:

Narcissism is based on a lie about human nature and the nature of life, teaching us that we don’t care about each other and we can find fulfillment alone. Anyone who does not dare succumb to despair believes, and we are right to believe, that there must be a way to mobilize the truth against such slander. The lie that we’re addressing has a metaphysical foundation. It rests, in the last analysis, on the regressive idea that human beings, and the world in general, consist of matter and are therefore built up out of parts that are disconnected from each other and from any final meaning.7

Mr. Nagler goes on to say that this dreary worldview renders us misfits at best in a sterile universe, and infantile monsters who wreak havoc and destruction at worst.8 We in Global Community Communications know, from embracing epochal revelation and from our own personal experiences, that we indeed are much more than material, that we are mind and spirit, that our destiny is to live eternally, traversing universes teeming with life and circuitry, with adventure and discovery, with truth, beauty, and goodness.

If we continue to be faithful in cooperating with the program that has been set up for us by Celestial Overcontrol and human eldership in Divine Administration, we will discover that we have received more than we gave to individuals, to groups, to the world. We are in debt, and once we recognize we are in debt, God’s mercy and compassion become real for us rather than just interesting ideas to think about.

We experience grace. My name, Niánn, means “cosmic woman of grace.” What is grace? It is a feeling of being grateful for the many gifts bestowed upon you by God, by life, by other persons. It is a consciousness of gratitude and joy, of feeling blessed in so many ways. Grace comes from an examination of your life in which you realize that you don’t deserve what you’re getting, yet you’re getting it anyway. It’s the difference between seeing life as an entitlement and life as a gift. Grace is growing in compassion day to day.

What is compassion? It is getting out of your own perceptions and ideas, and trying to understand someone else’s position. Think of at least one person that you resent, who you feel betrayed by, who you think has hurt you. Contemplate about that person (or persons) you feel so negatively about. Answer these questions, which can help you see this person with compassion: WHAT HAVE YOU RECEIVED FROM THIS PERSON? WHAT HAVE YOU GIVEN HIM OR HER? WHAT DIFFICULTIES HAVE YOU CAUSED FOR HIM OR HER? I think you will discover that you are in debt to that person just as much as you think they are in debt to you.

If you continue to daily participate in the Melchizedek Schools of Self Evaluation, I think that your attention upon yourself will begin to shift to others outside of yourself. I think you will become less self absorbed and more absorbed in the world around you. Consider any activity that pulls you outside of yourself as rejuvenating and healthy. When you are focused outside of yourself and engaged with the world around you and the people around you, you will discover that you are not so miserable, so depressed, so unhappy. And you probably won’t feel so lonely.

Teaching by Gabriel of Urantia

The Doctrine of Greed

In the first book of the Bible, Genesis, it says in the ninth verse of the fourth chapter: “Then the Lord said to Cain, ‘Where is Abel, your brother?’ and Cain said, ‘I don’t know. Am I my brother’s keeper’?” Well, the answer to that is, “Yes, we are. We are our brothers’ and sisters’ keeper.” However, we are taught very early in our educational system that we are to look out for ourselves. We are told to make profit for ourselves and our immediate family and conduct our lives as “looking out for number one.” We are even taught that greed is good. In the movie Wall Street the powerful financial expert (played by Michael Douglas) taught all his employees that greed is good, and people believe it in the world, not just in the movie.

The doctrine of greed says to get what you can no matter how you get it and get a lot of it, then you can give some of it back. You can get a lot of it, and you can give a little bit of it back, but first get a lot for yourself. The problem is that you usually never can get enough for yourself. You rarely think you’ve gotten enough for yourself. You always want more a luxurious house, more expensive clothes, a better and faster car, a different color car, and so on. You want the extras in life, whatever those extras are, and all the gadgets to go with them. The Great American Dream you want vacations to exotic places.

Saki [H.H. Munro], a Scottish author said:

When people grow gradually rich their requirements and standard of living expand in proportion, while their present-giving instincts often remain in the undeveloped condition of their earlier days. Something showy and not-too-expensive in a shop is their only conception of the ideal gift. [Eleanor in “Fur”, Beasts and Super-Beasts]

James Baldwin, the United States author said:

It is rare indeed that people give. Most people guard and keep; they suppose that it is they themselves and what they identify with themselves that they are guarding and keeping, whereas what they are actually guarding and keeping is their system of reality and what they assume themselves to be. [”Letter from a Region in My Mind,” New Yorker, Nov. 17, 1962.]

It’s like hanging onto something that isn’t real, trying to get things that aren’t real, struggling to get them, and not caring who you hurt to get what isn’t really real in the first place. None of these kinds of pursuits will help you make peace with yourself. Are you what you have or are you what you are inside? Some lines from one of my songs are [sings]: “It’s not what you have but who you are inside. It’s not what you do but why you do. It’s not what you have, those things cannot make you glad inside.”

Why do some doctors choose to practice medicine for high profits and others choose to serve the poor and indigent? How many Albert Schweitzers are there? Why do some people choose careers in social work or ministry and others choose business fields or the stock market? In Divine Administration what are the true jobs, the true careers, and the true ways to manifest?

There are personalities who exist behind the scenes, in other dimensions, who are trying to encourage you to make the right decisions, and when you make the right decisions that give for the benefit of others, the universe seems to gift you with that which eases your life struggles to do good for others. When you make a right decision, it brings an angel into your reality; the next right decision brings another one, and the next right decision might bring a finaliter. Keep on making those right decisions and you have God’s army on your side. I know. I speak from experience. Everything that I have has been given to me.

When you begin to serve other people everything good in the universe wants to serve you, everything. As you serve others, the universe that God has created and the laws of God serve you. This isn’t something we are taught in our educational system when we are little. We are taught, “Get into real estate.” “Become a lawyer.” “Become a doctor, and make money,” not “Become a doctor in order to help others heal.” But the first thing that people need to learn to fix is the soul the soul.

What Motivates You?

We are not taught the right kinds of motivation in our educational systems on this planet, on this fallen world. Many of us have come to the bottom of ourselves before we began to open up to the higher things of life. Thank God if you do, because many of you in this room have had to come to that place of “I don’t want that world out there. I don’t want anything of it. I don’t want to be a part of that system.” When you begin to have those thoughts, Hallelujah! Hallelujah! The angels start singing. They start dancing because you are finally getting it. The kingdom of God: that’s what you are getting, the kingdom of God. Jesus ran away from deals of money. Oh, they tempted him. They said, “We’ll give you the world! We’ll make you king of Jerusalem.” “We’ll make you the president of IBM.” “We’ll make you the president of the Satellite Company.”

Are you, Mr. Image Man? Are you Ms Image Woman? Better to shovel manure for God’s kingdom than make those kinds of decisions on your own, thinking you are serving others. Lucifer, the System Sovereign, fell. He was in charge of 619 planets in the System of Satania at the time of his fall. He fell because he was full of it, full of himself.

When you are ready to become president of the Divine Administration Satellite Kingdom, God will give it to you. When you are ready for whatever, God will give it to you. You don’t have to rub hands with the Devil to get it. You have to learn that now. You’re going to have to learn that someday because your life will be miserable until you do, until you get the right perspective.

There are two ways to manifest material things; the selfish way and God’s way. Oh, it’s OK to have things. It’s OK to have wealth, but how do you get it? That’s the trick, but what do you do with it when you’ve got it? Jesus said, “It’s harder for a rich man to go through the eye of a needle than it is for him to get into the kingdom of heaven.” Why? Because if you haven’t learned from the beginning that the only way to do that is to be a servant to all. Once you get it, you think you’re something. You think how great you are, how smart you are, how intelligent you are, how clever you are, how wonderful you are.

What if there is a God with a vast celestial corporation of soul guardians who watch over you, who manifest something wonderful for you for every unselfish decision you make. You say, “Well, I haven’t gotten it yet. I don’t have my complement. I don’t have whatever, I ain’t got it yet.” That’s because you haven’t made enough right decisions yet in that area, the area of wants and desires. Don’t be mad at God because you ain’t got it. Be mad at yourself. Don’t be the victim. You are your own worst enemy.

The universe is created to work for you once you become like God. If you are not like God in those areas of your life in which you should be, then you’re trying to get it yourself. Man, that’s hard to do because if you did it you find out it’s the wrong complement, it’s the wrong job, it’s the wrong career, and those millions of dollars are never going to make you happy. Then you take drugs, you take this, you take that because you are still trying to get it, but you aren’t getting it the right way. Why do rich people commit suicide? Money obviously isn’t the answer. Better to live in a tipi or a yurt or a shack with your right complement rather than in a mansion with the wrong one.

You could, on the surface, by making wrong decisions seem very rich and very successful and yet, below the surface, be miserable. I know what that is like. I’ve been to Hollywood and seen the falseness of it all, the Hollywood delusion. One of the richest men in the world, Howard Hughes, suffered from deep depression and crazed delusions. Money sure didn’t do it for him did it? Michael Jackson isn’t doing very well either is he? Money and popularity didn’t do it for him. Those are just two examples; I could go on, for there are many famous, rich people who are miserable with their wealth and success, miserable. Yet, you turn on the TV and look at “Lives of the Rich and Famous.” They’ve got the music; they’ve got the looks; they’ve got the good looking guys, the sexy girls. They’ve got it all according to the dreams of materialism, but those are false dreams that trip you up. And the media perpetuates those false dreams.

Who is in control of the media? Greed. Who is the giver of greed? The fallen forces. It’s the fallen mindset that is behind the spread of false values in the media the movies, the television shows, the sensationalized news, the advertising. All of that from the fallen mindset which has been here for thousands of years, and that fallen mindset will trip you up. Getting tripped up is like living in hell. The only hell there is is on this world, created by us tripped-up humans.

Oh, yes, there is a beautiful side to life, but I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the hell side of Earth. We are on a fallen world. Some of us have fallen from higher worlds so we have an inkling of what an unfallen world is like. Some of you have never lived on a higher world. It doesn’t matter if you lived on one once before or if you are on one for the first time, or second time, we all suffer on a fallen world. We can also experience happiness and some fulfillment on this world, but we have to be more in the will of God and divine pattern in order to have deeper and longer lasting happiness.

Many seemingly normal Americans who have obtained the Great American Dream have suffered tremendously from being in codependent relationships with their own family members. They worked hard all their lives and all they have to show for it is their house and the material things in it, but inside themselves they are miserable. I know that my family did the same thing, in a way. Depending upon your choices, will be the life that you live with God and humanity. Many become addicted to prescription drugs or illegal drugs and alcohol.

The Tale of Scotty

When I was in Tucson, Arizona I met Scotty from Scotland who was playing the guitar on 4th Avenue. There were street people sitting around, all smoking marijuana, including Scotty. Scotty had on the side of his guitar case, “Jesus is Lord.” I looked at that in surprise because Scotty looked kind of gruff himself; he had a big scar on his face. I went up to him and said, “Does what is written on your guitar case mean anything to you, or is that just on there for decoration?” He said, “It means something to me, man.” I said, “Do you want to talk? Tell me what it means. My name is Reverend Tony Delevan [my name at that time]; let’s talk.”

He eventually came to live with me as one of my counselors for street people. He had been all around the world: Tibet, India, Amsterdam, on the hippie trail. He learned to play the slide guitar in the Appalachian Mountains of the United States. He had been in prison, and that’s when he got his big cut and scar. Then he met a rich girl whose father owned one of the airlines. She fell in love with Scotty, married him, and her family tried to make an executive out of him. They put him in a suit and put him in an office in a sky scraper. He flew around the world, a part of the jet set.

One day Scotty went up to his wife with his guitar in his hands and said, “I’m back to my guitar. I’m going back on the hippie trail. If you want to come with me, fine. If not, goodbye.” He left her. He left all the wealth. He left the jet set. He said to his wife, “Come and follow Jesus with me.” Those were his words. She couldn’t do it. He could because he had experienced both worlds. He knew he was happier and more at peace when he had next to nothing and was basically following his heart and serving people.

He left working with me after a couple of years, and I didn’t hear from him for a few years. It was difficult because I loved him very much. One day I got a phone call from him in Hollywood, and he said, “Guess who I met, man?” I answered, “I don’t know. Who did you meet? He said, “Guess who I’m playing with, man.” I asked, “You’ve been playing in a band?” “Yes, guess who?” I took a couple of guesses and was wrong. Scotty said, “There you go, man. Bob Dylan.” I said, “Bob Dylan! You’re playing with Bob Dylan?” He says, “Yeah, man, I’m going on his next tour. Get the Newsweek magazine [or one of those other big magazines]. My guitar is on the front cover with him, you’ll see it.”

And it was. Bob Dylan was playing Scotty’s slide guitar on the cover of a large magazine, all because Scotty was willing to follow God’s will and miracles began to happen.

Living in the Delusion

Many Americans become obese and suffer from eating disorders and all kinds of emotional disorders, all because they were trying to live the great delusion and are constantly dissatisfied. I’ll call it the Hollywood delusion because it’s Hollywood and the corporate-controlled media that encourage us to believe these things are true and to strive for things that don’t mean anything. We are told in advertising that we need to have a lot of material things to be successful and happy. We’re told that in order for women to be beautiful they must be so slim that they look like they’re almost starving, thus the eating disorders of dyslexia and bulimia.

The URANTIA Book has many references to money and wealth. One of the best lines in both the Bible and The URANTIA Book is Jesus saying, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.” That’s quite a statement. A lot of people have different ideas of what that means, but once you begin to really tune into selfish versus unselfish, ungodly versus godly, you begin to learn what that means. Wow! It is quite a lesson, and I’m still learning. I still ask at times, “Am I rendering to Caesar or am I rendering to God in this situation, Lord?” Just asking the question is good. If you forget to ask the question then you will probably be rendering to the wrong god.

There was a wonderful teaching by Jesus about wealth. If you want to write this down it’s on pages 1462-1465 in The URANTIA Book. Here is an excerpt from that teaching:

A certain rich man, a Roman citizen and a Stoic, became greatly interested in Jesus’ teaching having been introduced by Angamon. After many intimate conferences this wealthy citizen asked Jesus what He would do with wealth if he had it. And Jesus answered him: “I would bestow material wealth for the enhancement of material life, even as I would minister knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual service for the enhancement of the intellectual life, the ennoblement of the social life and the advancement of the spiritual life. I would minister material wealth as a wise and effective trustee of the resources of one generation for the benefit and ennoblement of the next and succeeding generations.

Basically Jesus teaches and taught the apostles and disciples and all who could hear Him that the most important thing to manifest is not money. He never taught one of His apostles to manifest money, not once, not ever. He might have said, “OK, deacons, you go and collect what you can”, but He never taught them to manifest money. He taught them to manifest the fruits of the Spirit of God love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, self-control, putting the other person’s needs before your own. Boy, that’s a revolutionary idea, isn’t it? Jesus did not teach the greed of spirit. He did not teach the way of greed.

It’s not the greed of the spirit, it’s the fruit of the spirit, and many of you can become so blind. Some of you aspire to make all this money and give it to God; you are going to make all this money and give it to Divine Administration. Guess what? You’re not going to make doodely boo as long as you think that the way to serve God is to make money. The way to serve is through love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, long suffering, considering the needs of others rather than your needs, praying for wisdom, obeying and listening to your elders; that is the way that the universe will give back to you. Then you can give it to Divine Administration. Don’t put the cart before the horse. You will never get it that way, and if you do, there is always going to be someone, something that is going to want it from you, and you will have a divided mind and say, “Well, I’ll give part of it to Divine Administration. I’ve got to have this much here so that I can make more for Divine Administration over here.

How do I know this? I know because I have lived it, not just in this life, but in many lives. Maybe it took many lives to learn it as a human man, but I guess I learned enough of it to manifest what has manifested here in Divine Administration. And, to top it off, if every property that we owned as Divine Administration was covered in the waters of floods, and we lost every material thing, it doesn’t matter. What is important is your souls and the love we cosmic family have for God, for each other, and for the rest of humankind.

Capitalism and socialism and any of the governmental isms don’t really compare with divine administration. None of them really work for humankind to the fullest that they could if they were less selfish and more godly. During the revolution in Spain a lot of great thinkers and poets got together, asking the question: “If we win this revolution, what form of government are we going to set up?” They didn’t know, because enough of them had already lived in many systems and none of them worked the way they should have. That’s one of the reasons why the resistance lost; they didn’t know what the heck they were going to set up next. They had no idea. They just knew that what existed had to go. These well-meaning people didn’t have the concept then of divine administration. Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation wasn’t there for them yet.

Divine Administration Is the World Ready?

Is the world ready for the implementation of divine administration now? Few are. That is why Christ Michael is first calling forth destiny reservists. Those who answer the call initially have to get ready first so that they can teach and implement these principles for the rest of the world. You destiny reservists have to live it and become it before the rest of humankind can get it. The administrators, the executives of Divine Administration have to function at the highest levels before Christ can come back, before the first stage of light and life can come. The first stage of light and life cannot come until higher consciousness can be received on this planet by the millions and billions of souls on it, else they will remain in lower evolutionary religions, not able to manifest the real things of life that they need to manifest in their own lives.

Don’t make those selfish decisions; make the unselfish ones, the hard ones, so hard to make that you think, “If I make this decision, I’m going to have my wife mad at me. My ex-wife is going to hate me for the rest of my life. My ex-husband, if I make this decision, I might not ever see my son or daughter again.” Jesus stated, “If you love wife, husband, son, daughter, brother, sister, more than Me you are not worthy of the kingdom of heaven.” Don’t think that it doesn’t apply to you. It applies to all humankind, and all humankind one day will have to pass that very test.

Look next to you. That is your brother. That is your sister. That is your father. That is your mother. That is your cousin. Look around you. That is your family. Wherever you are in time and space right now, those around you are your family. “But I’m not biologically related to them.” Jesus taught the brother-/sisterhood of humankind, that all humans are our brothers and sisters, that we are a planetary family. And of course, those individuals who share our ideals, who are united with us in some way, who seem like kindred spirits those people will seem even more like family, whether they are biologically related to us or not. It is beautiful when our biological family members can be kindred spirits also; that is what God wants, but there is so much ugliness in the world, and part of that ugliness is biological families separating because they do not understand each other or support each others’ dreams to serve God in the highest way, to be in God’s perfect will. The beauty found on the planet is where people come together in love and humility, encouraging each other and helping each other live lives of goodness and service. Divine Administration is trying to build a culture where these principles can be lived every day, where people relate to each other as loving family, living the teachings of Jesus.

Thanks to all on this planet who are trying to create lives of service to their fellow brothers and sisters. God bless all of you.

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January 2, 2006

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