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Father’s Day is Every Day

Presented by Niánn Emerson Chase

to members and guests of Global Community Communications Church at a World-Wide Sunday Service

The State of the Planet

This past Friday-Saturday the Coast to Coast radio program hosted by Art Bell focused on various prophecies that predict the end of most life on this earth. The people calling in especially talked about the predictions of a woman who had been a guest on the show earlier in the week. Though I did not hear her speak on the previous show and am unfamiliar with her writings and teachings, it is my understanding that she claims that in 2003 there will be some kind of catastrophe caused by what she calls “Planet X” which is headed towards our earth. According to her predictions, as a result of the close proximity of Planet X, most of life as we know it will be destroyed.

What stood out for me was that throughout the night, as I drifted in and out of sleep, the individuals that I did hear call in seemed to calmly accept this prophecy and indicated that humankind deserved to be wiped out, that the nature of humans was basically evil, that the terrible state of our planet was due to the bad choices of people throughout the history of humankind, that the evil done by human beings over thousands of years had culminated in the predicted destiny of doom for our world.

One woman with a gentle, melodious-sounding voice called in to comment on the brutality and beastiality of men in general. She expressed her belief that when the masses learn of their impending deaths, they will choose to go wild and rape and pillage, that no woman will be safe from men, who she at least once referred to as “animals.” Her opinion of men is that the majority of them are selfish and will force their will on women (as well as other individuals), satiating their momentary physical lusts and lusts for personal power, never taking into consideration the permanent psychological damage they cause to those they rape and use for their personal gain. (And rape comes in many forms of violent abuse.) A poll was mentioned that asked men from all walks of life if they would rape if they knew that they would not get caught and punished for it. According to this caller, most of the men interviewed said they would rape if they were guaranteed safety from being caught, and some even said that they already had someone in mind that they would like to rape. Men who called in after this commentary agreed with the woman’s opinion of men; they also had a very low opinion of their gender. In fact, all of those who called in that I heard seemed to have no faith in human beings at all, nor faith in God or the goodness of the power of God.

I was amazed that those individuals who I heard seemed so nonchalant about the destruction of humankind, that they could so easily discuss these prophecies of hopelessness with no expression of grief or fear. It was as if they have shut down and accepted their fate and the fate of the rest of life on this planet.

It seems that most people who are aware of the very vulnerable state of our planet are also aware that this precarious position has been caused by choices and actions of humans who are motivated by selfishness, ignorance, and evil. A study of human history indicates that this brutality and devastation comes from motives based on greed greed for power over others, greed for many material things, and so on.

Every time I listen to programs like the Art Bell show where people express their opinions, I become more aware of the ignorance of spiritual truths and the paucity of spiritual depth in individuals. I become more aware of the need for the clarification and correction that epochal revelation can bring to the people of this world.

The Destiny of This World

I disagree with those I heard on the Art Bell show. Like them, I am aware of the evil in the world, of the earth changes that are happening right now and that will increase. But I am also aware of the existence of the First Father of us all, God the Universal Father. I am aware of His nature, of His love. I have experienced His presence and love in my life in so many ways. I know of His spirit presence within me. I know that He is the First Creative Source and Divine Center. I know that He is the Infinite Upholder and the Divine Controller of all that exists that is reality. I know that evil is not reality in that it does not come from the First Father, the Father of Fathers. I know that all that is evil, all that is out of the Father of Lights’ divine pattern is temporary and will pass away, that all that is good, that is of the Universal Center’s divine pattern will not pass away but continue on in some manner for eternity. I know that the First Source and Center is indeed the All-powerful One and that His power, what Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (CFER) calls “Deo power,” is of eternal value. I also know that the power that comes from selfishness and ignorance and greed is fleeting and will pass away. Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (CFER) calls the power that has created suffering, devastation, and destruction “dio power.”

I know our planet, that has suffered the terrible consequences of the Lucifer rebellion that begin 200,000 years ago, has a different destiny than what those on the Art Bell show predict. Those individuals who talk of the evils of the world are correct in that area, but when they begin to predict the complete destruction of life on this world, they do not know of the Paradise Father who is the Gift of Life and whose presence is indeed on this world and within each of us human beings, whether we are aware of it or not. They are not aware of the Deo power of having faith in the First Father and ascending in His great love and pattern. They have accepted the Lucifer manifesto that disclaims the existence of the Universal Father and thus also denies the reality of His plan of ascension for His mortal children.

What I know and experience daily is the process of making choices from either my higher or my lower self. My higher self is in attunement with the threefold spirit of the Universal Father, the Paradise Mother, and the Eternal Son, the First Family. I know that it is the destiny of every human being to also ascend into their higher selves, into their circuitry within divine pattern. I know that though humans can act as beasts and monsters, they can also act as angels and become godlike. I know that if an individual does not begin to realize the ascension plan of the First Father on this world, that he or she will be given the opportunity on another world, what The URANTIA Book calls a mansion world.

I know that though we on Urantia (the cosmic name of Earth) must suffer the many and varied consequences of evil, including earth changes, that the destiny of this world is to move into the stages of light and life. I know that the goodness of the Father is so much more powerful than the wrongness that is so evident on this world. I know that the potential for individual human beings to manifest truth, beauty, and goodness is of eternal value and will eventually unfold in the First Father’s plan for ascension. I know that all men are not monsters, that not all men want to rape and ravish the earth and all of life. I know that the destiny of each man, and woman, is to reflect in their own individual way the reality of the Father of Fathers, His love and beauty and goodness.

On this Father’s Day, I can’t help but think of the most important men in my life my biological father, Leland, and my beloved complement, Gabriel of Sedona. Both of these men have fulfilled their first responsibility within the Father circuitry to me spending their entire adult lives loving and serving the First Father of All. They both know that Jesus was the Christ and Son of God, a revelation to show us humans the way to God, the First Father of All. Both of these men manifest a balance within the Father circuitry, living and reflecting many of the attributes and characteristics of the Universal Father and Christ Jesus. And both of these men have inspired and encouraged me to look to the First Father through His Son and manifest His power and light into my life.

Both of these men have seen me as someone with a special destiny and great responsibility to serve humankind on this planet. Thus, both of these men have demanded the highest from me in my maturation and ascension process my father when I was a child and young woman under his protection and responsibility; Gabriel when I came under his protection and responsibility as his complement. Both of these men have been extremely gentle with me, as well as stern and even righteously angry. I have experienced both gratitude and resentment towards these men.

I’ll never forget the gentle love and support my father showed me many times when I felt confused or frustrated in general with life; he was always there for me, as a child and as a young adult. When I needed to rant and rave or cry or when I wanted to hear his words of wise guidance, my dad was always available for me. And I’ll never forget the gentle love and support Gabriel gave me when I grieved two different kinds of death with my father. The first death was an end to relating to my father as his daughter who he needed to guide and protect. I struggled in the transition (and so did my dad) of becoming more of a teacher-daughter as I moved into an expanded understanding of spiritual truths as a result of embracing epochal revelation, which my father did not accept for himself. It was a challenge for both my father and me to adjust to a different kind of relationship when Gabriel became the primary protector and spiritual elder in my life rather than Dad. When my father physically passed on, Gabriel was there to grieve with me, understanding that I would deeply miss the presence of a great and noble man who walked in such gentle humility and love for others, and who had been such an integral part of my whole life. But Gabriel also brought tremendous comfort to me by reminding me of my father’s destiny to live on in the mansion worlds, working for the truth, beauty, and goodness of God on his side as we worked for that divine pattern on our side. My father too is ascending as we on this world unfold within our own God-given personalities. My separation from my father is temporary, for I will meet up with him again.

I’ll always remember (with gratitude now but resentment then) my father’s extreme strictness with me. He often became very angry with me when I showed selfishness and pride and confronted me, giving me stern talks about my responsibility to grow into a humble and righteous woman, always thinking and acting for the good of others. I often felt that he was too demanding of me, and I resented him for that. I now believe that he was in attunement with the Spirit of God enough to, at some level, realize my destiny as a teacher of ideals and spiritual truths and that I would need to live what I was teaching, not just talk it. I think that he felt the weight of the responsibility of being a father.

I’ll always remember with gratitude Gabriel’s continuous confrontations when I am not walking in my higher spirit-led self. At first I would get very angry with him when he pointed out my wrong-doing or incorrect thinking, but as time has passed, my anger is less, though I still feel embarrassed and uncomfortable when light is shed on my own error. I thank God that Gabriel has the discernment and courage to confront me, regardless of my reaction.

We’re taught here in Divine Administration that in order to be a centered and balanced ascending son or daughter of God, we each need the proper coordination of the Father, Son, and Mother circuitry within us. On March 18, 1997 Paladin spoke of cosmic and Urantian reservists. “Knowing who you are and where you came from does not make a reservist; knowing your God does; believing in what this work is does; being willing to deal with your own stuff does.”

My biological father was not a cosmic reservist; he did not embrace The URANTIA Book; in fact, when it came to expanded spiritual truths, he could be quite fundamental in his thinking and very closed. But he knew at some level in his heart and mind that I was destined to be a reservist, and he did all that he could do to bring me up to meet that destiny.

That is what Father circuitry is about doing everything you can to aid others meet their God-given destiny. That means, first and foremost, knowing who your First Father is and who His Creator Son is, and then embracing those Paradise Persons into your minds and hearts and acting moment-to-moment under their guidance. Father-circuitry means having the discernment to know when someone needs words of praise and encouragement and when they need admonishment and confrontation. It means knowing when to be gentle and when to be stern. It means knowing when to be big and when to be small.

Here in Divine Administration, the responsibility to become coordinated in our Father circuitry lies first with Gabriel and me, then with the Liaison Ministers, then with the other elders, then with the First Assistants and then with the Second Assistants. It is the destiny and responsibility of every person aligned with Divine Administration of Aquarian Concepts to move into his or her individual personality expression of Father circuitry. A very important part of that Father circuitry is to be able to confront. How can individuals change into better persons if they do not know their evil, their error?

I recently heard a comment on a TV program where a person of some discernment said, “Some of the nicest people with good intentions make decisions that cause the greatest harm to the greatest number of people.” One of our best friends and elders, Paladin, stated on November 17, 1997,

How to administer strong Father-circuited authority in God and yet forgive at the same time can be a great strength. You cannot really truly help anyone unless that balance occurs balance with admonition. Many wish to melt in the Mother circuits but not admonish in the Father circuits. This is not love; this is not balance. To find that balance is a great gift that you can give others ¦.when you invite a dark soul into a dark room and you know where the light is and they don’t, you need to turn the light on ¦.Let’s take an angry soul with 20% goodness and 80% dio (evil). Some of you only focus on his 20% goodness and don’t turn the light on his 80% dio.

Paladin has called elders and other mandated people “soul protectors.” In order to be Divine New Order protectors we must first be the greatest evil detectors and soul surgeons on the planet.

Those individuals who have the responsibility of leadership in the community houses of Global Community Communications are called Household Soul Watchers. They are asked to become more coordinated in their Father circuitry, whether they are men or women.

Just exactly what does a Soul Watcher imply? Does it mean that like my father and like Gabriel, you need to feel the weight of responsibility for those individuals who are living in your household? Does it mean that like my father and Gabriel, you need to have some level of understanding and concern for the destiny of each one of your family members? Does it mean that like my father and Gabriel, you need to feel protective towards your family and home? Does it mean that like my father and Gabriel, you make sure that your home is a safe and sacred environment that provides a haven for reservists? Does it mean that like my father and Gabriel, you know when to be gentle and when to be stern? When to be encouraging and praise and when to be admonishing and confront? When to be big and when to be small?

Ideally all of us should become soul watchers, inspiring those within our realm of influence to strive to be moment-to-moment in our higher selves, open to and receptive of the influence of the living spiritual forces around us and the First Family’s threefold spirit within each of us which encompasses the Fragment of the Father, the Son’s Spirit of Truth, and the Holy Spirit of the Universe Mother Spirit. That Deo power is available for us, but we each have to choose to receive and use it.

On page 2064 of The URANTIA Book we’re told that the bestowal of the Creator Son as Jesus and the gift of His Spirit of Truth “endowed mortals with the power to forgive personal injuries, to keep sweet in the midst of the gravest injustice, to remain unmoved in the face of appalling danger, and to challenge the evils of hate and anger by the fearless acts of love and forbearance.”

I close with expressing my hope that each one of you will move into your future, shedding a brilliant light in the darkness of the chaos and confusion of this planet, being able to express daily the special power of your Father circuitry in balance with the Mother and Son circuits.

June 16, 2002

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