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On the Call to Leadership, the Responsibility of Divine Administration and Destiny Reservists to the People of Urantia

Presented by Gabriel of Urantia and Niánn Emerson Chase

to members and guests of Global Community Communications Church at a World-Wide Sunday Service

Teaching by Niann Emerson Chase

Americans love the idea of freedom freedom on many levels. Many people have immigrated to America with the dream of religious freedom. Some of those people followed a religion that was not the status quo of their country and thus suffered various forms of persecution from governments and neighbors. So they decided to come to America where the dream of having freedom to pursue their personal choices of religion could be manifested. People still have the vision of the United States of America as being the land of freedom where an individual is allowed to pursue his or her choices of religion, career, lifestyle and pursuit of personal happiness.

True Freedom vs. False Liberty

On July 2 of this year, I gave a teaching about the paradox in gaining true freedom. According to The URANTIA Book, true freedom and personal liberty within God’s laws and His divine pattern are only attained through discipline and voluntary self-restraint. Lucifer challenged that paradox of true freedom and introduced the idea of unbridled liberty, liberty without personal responsibility which is so prevalent today in our American culture. Initially, Lucifer’s manifesto of unbridled liberty may seem like true freedom, but it very quickly deteriorates into confusion, chaos, and misery for the individuals, groups, and whole societies that follow it. In August of 1997, one of the classes in the Starseed and Urantian Schools of Melchizedek studied a section in The URANTIA Book on pages 613 and 614 called, “True and False Liberty.” It’s a section in a paper called “The Problems of the Lucifer Rebellion”. As a result, one of those students, Keea, wrote a reflection on the subject of liberty, and I’d like to share that reflection with you.

I am reminded by the concept in The URANTIA Book, whereas if one person is absolutely free, another person must be an absolute slave. If the rebels of a society scoff at labor, run in the face of duty, and seek only selfish aims, then must there come a counter-balance of worker bees that will consummate the efforts that have been neglected by the rebel personalities in order to keep survival and security alive for the majority. Who then is the slave here? The rebels are the temporary errors of wild freedom and uncontrolled liberty, while the worker bees, burdened by temporal slavery in their selfless service, are fixing godlike qualities of true liberty for the eternal path of righteousness. All liberty should be gauged in eternal scope to understand the will of God’s virtues which are written. True liberty appears to be intelligent submission to those above you, while false liberty chooses to act when ambitions to expound the ego are the only motive. True liberty is contented by service to God and to humankind wherever your talents are sought out to be utilized, while false liberty is the uncontrolled relinquishment of any moral standard or spiritual frame, void of wisdom and consequence mindedness. False liberty seeks to rule from the chaotic imagination and reign over every circumstance of life’s dealings.

In comparison with other countries on Urantia, the citizens of the United States do have more freedoms than any other country. Unfortunately, many of the freedoms are more of Lucifer’s false liberty than true liberty within God’s divine administration, and many of those freedoms are at the cost of other people’s liberty and freedoms.

There is so much confusion today in Western civilization as to what is true freedom, especially freedom within the laws of God, the Universal Father. Most major world religions Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have an embryonic understanding of God, the First Source and Center. There is a basic comprehension that God has absolute laws and that freedom must be lived within those laws. On page 615 of The URANTIA Book, a Mighty Messenger clarifies freedom within the law of God. “No being in all of the universe has the rightful liberty to deprive any other being of true liberty, the right to love and be loved, the privilege of worshipping God, and of serving his [or her] fellows.”

The true liberty that the Mighty Messenger is talking about involves three things. Ethical socialization loving others and being loved is considered a right and involves the pursuit of happiness and having privacy within your own home, as well as many other little freedoms. Within divine administration, that is a right for every single human being on this planet. Another thing that true liberty involves is worship of God, which we would consider religious freedom, to worship God any way that an individual chooses. The third aspect of true liberty is responsibility for others in selfless service. Isn’t it interesting that this Mighty Messenger points out that serving others selflessly is part of true liberty? I’d like to point out that the freedoms of the worship of God and serving others are considered privileges in divine administration.

In a Divine New Order society, within Divine Administration of Aquarian Concepts, we strive to live the ideals that are presented in The URANTIA Book and Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation. We students of The URANTIA Book know that there are three levels of universe reality: material, mindal, and spiritual. The emotional aspect of human beings involves all three levels, for there are material emotions, as well as intellectual and spiritual emotions. There are high ideals within divine pattern on all three of these levels that we are striving to implement here within Divine Administration. A Melchizedek tells us on page 780 of The URANTIA Book, “While the ideal of society is universal freedom, [and universal freedom means freedom for all individuals], idleness should never be tolerated. All able-bodied persons should be compelled to do at least a self-sustaining amount of work.” In other words, the minimum amount of work for each individual is that which would provide for his or her needs and desires, enough work to be self-sustaining. Ideally, each individual within this higher society should work even more to also help uplift and sustain others.

Economic Freedom

The URANTIA Book expands upon several kinds of freedom within an ideal society. On a physical level there is the freedom from food slavery. In other words, all people within a society are not enslaved to focusing their every waking hour to mere physical survival. Today we would call that economic freedom, the opportunity for every individual to work and provide all the physical necessities for themselves and for their families. In a society that values this freedom, labor and work are considered desirable and honorable, and, according to a Melchizedek, there is a “social disgust for both idleness and unearned wealth.” So much for lotteries in that ideal society!

Tragically, that quality of economic freedom is not available for everyone yet on this planet. Even in the United States it’s not available for everyone, though the right to work is highly valued here, and jobs are much more available for the citizens of the United States than in most other countries. But, the history of America is riddled with examples of misuse, abuse, and actual taking away of freedom to work in a sustainable manner. One example is the Native American tribes, the original American citizens. Their various lifestyles and work were taken away from them when they were forced to live on reservations and no longer live the way they had for hundreds and hundreds of years. The results have been disastrous for the red race of this land. They continue to suffer economic, cultural, and spiritual poverty, for their economics, their culture, and their religion were taken from them and replaced with a citizenship in the margins and fringes of the dominant culture, a culture that values unbridled liberty. And that unbridled liberty breeds materialism, empty inner lives, and utter selfishness.

Unfortunately, economic freedom and material prosperity for some then definitely can be at the expense of others’ freedoms when it is practiced within the ideas not ideals but ideas of Lucifer’s false freedom. A Melchizedek tells us on page 777 of The URANTIA Book that under this false freedom of selfishness, capitalism, or any other form of economic freedom, is abused by unfair capitalists and creates great injustices and suffering for others. If capitalism, or any other form of economic endeavors, are practiced within divine administration procedures and ideals, the true liberty of selflessness is implemented, and then all people benefit. Obviously, that’s not happening today for many. The multi-national corporations of Western civilization (most of them originated in this country) do abuse the freedoms that they operate under. It is these corporations that in reality rule the world at this moment in time and space.

Freedom of the Mind

Freedom of the mind involves many areas, but I’m not going to get into a lot of detail about them in this teaching. As we evolve intellectually understanding the physical laws of nature as well as the moral and spiritual truths and laws of God our minds are liberated from many fears based on ignorance and superstition. It is our responsibility as destiny reservists in Divine Administration to educate others and to help liberate others in their own minds. A Melchizedek, on page 802 of The URANTIA Book, makes a comment about freedom of the mind. He says, “Unless a free people are educated taught to think intelligently and plan wisely freedom usually does more harm than good.” If intelligent thought and wisdom do not go into making choices, those decisions may be based on Luciferic unbridled liberty and come from lack of insight, lack of foresight, and lack of compassion. Thus, chaos and devastation will happen on personal as well as societal levels.

The URANTIA Book indicates that as individuals continue to evolve and expand in their education and in their understanding of reality, they will be liberated from fundamentalistic thinking. It is fundamentalistic thinking that so often creates the wars and prevents true progress. People need to be liberated in their minds by epochal revelation from their own fundamentalistic thinking and narrow perspectives that are so limiting.

Freedom of Speech

Americans value freedom of speech and like to express their views and opinions continually. But with that freedom of speech and other forms of expression must come a sense of responsibility for others and a spiritualized understanding of all situations in life. If there is not that intelligence, wisdom, and spiritual discernment in the persons who are so freely expressing, then they are coming from a place of unbridled liberty and contribute to the ignorance and problems of the world rather than bringing enlightenment and aid. It would be better if they were mute.

Freedom From Mores, Traditions, Superstitions, and False Ideas

Eventually, individuals in societies must evolve to the point within true freedom where they are liberated from the mores, traditions, superstitions, values, ideas, and cultural expectations that are under the influence of the Lucifer manifesto, rather than under the influence of true freedom of God’s divine administration.

On page 1114 of The URANTIA Book, a Melchizedek tells us the highest form of freedom that individuals and a society should strive for is “freedom from all conventional and traditional handicaps.” That’s a tough one because most persons are pretty much enslaved to convention and traditions, whether they are personal, familial, or societal ones. Individuals within this Divine New Order society here “dare to think, act, and live honestly, loyally, fearlessly, and truthfully,” as the Melchizedek states that progressive individuals do who have evolved to the fourth level of philosophy which is the level of being able to move out of the status quo of a materialistic and fundamentalistic society.

Centuries ago individuals and groups of people immigrated to the new America with the intent of creating a society that would be free of the many handicaps of the old world. Many were progressive individuals who thought for themselves and were thus considered heretics, troublemakers, and even dangerous. The reality was, and still is, that most individuals and groups who choose alternatives to the status quo are not at all dangerous; in fact, much of what is accepted as status quo within the controlling dominant cultures on Urantia (Earth) is indeed dangerous to all life, including humans.

The Paradox of True Freedom

Those who benefit from the freedoms of America, and especially the leaders of this country, need to embrace something Jesus said 2000 years ago.

If one person craves freedom liberty he [or she] must remember that all other [persons] long for the same freedom. Groups of such liberty-loving mortals cannot live together in peace without becoming subservient to such laws, rules, and regulations as will grant each person the same degree of freedom while at the same time safeguarding an equal degree of freedom for all of his [or her] fellow mortals. If one person is to be absolutely free, then another [person] must become an absolute slave. The relative nature of freedom is true socially, economically, and politically. Freedom is the gift of civilization made possible by the enforcement of LAW.Religion makes it spiritually possible to realize the brotherhood [and sisterhood of all people], but it will require [hu]mankind government to regulate the social, economic, and political problems associated with such a goal of human happiness and efficiency. (ibid., 1490:04)

We Americans need to look at the freedoms that we have. Who in other countries are slaves so that we can have all those “things” that we have and all of the freedoms that we have?

What a challenge for individuals, families, numerous groups, and even human governments to make those changes that need to be made in order to be within God’s laws and procedures, within His divine pattern, within His divine administration! The challenge is being met by destiny reservists and other individuals who are uniting under the Mandate of the Bright and Morning Star to begin to learn and implement the principles and procedures put forth in The URANTIA Book and Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (CFER).
Teaching by Gabriel of Urantia

Antoine Saint Exupéry, the French writer said:

To be a man is to be responsible. It is to feel shame at the sight of what seems to be unmerited misery. It is to take pride in a victory won by one’s comrades. It is to feel when setting one’s stone, that one is contributing to the building of the world.

What Are Destiny Reservists?I definitely feel that in order to be a destiny reservist, one has to be brave. To me bravery and responsibility go hand in hand. Niánn mentioned the Native Americans, and I, being a Native American in many past lives, the first thing that comes to my mind is “warrior.” Guess what Native American men were called? “Braves.” Words that are related to “brave” are: courage, hero, heroine, knight, and paladin. Isn’t it interesting that the Chief of Finaliters chosen to bring through Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (CFER) is named Paladin? I believe that his name is a reminder to us destiny reservists on the superconscious level to be courageous, courageous to bring Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (CFER) to the world despite all of the obstacles, and on a fallen world there are so many obstacles.

We have to continually educate others about how the world should be. We have to continually disseminate new ideas and ideals and try to implement them ourselves. That does not make us “a strange group” or a target for others’ narrow minds; it makes us an alternative society. It makes us an alternative community, an intentional community of destiny reservists with very high ideals. It makes us altruistic and courageous, trying to bring those new ideas and ideals, new principles of interuniversal culturalistic life to the world. It makes us true men and true women of spirit. It makes us risk takers. We have to be willing to seem to be a fool to others. We have to be Johns/Joans of Arc. We have to be the knights of the round table, men and women. We have to be the cavaliers, the bravest of the brave. We have to be a band of heroes, a gallant company, the elite the Galahads, the Lancelots, the Lionhearts. All of those terms are descriptions of destiny reservists.

Destiny reservists have to fuse the indigenous teachings of the native peoples with the mindal teachings of the Fifth Epochal Revelation (FER) and Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (CFER), fusing heart and mind. We must utilize all of the knowledge of the mind and all of the wisdom that we can muster up from the heart to be able to teach others. It can’t be just the mind, and it can’t be just the heart. We can’t have a New Jerusalem, a new city of peace, until we have a new consciousness of citizens to occupy that city with new leaders that are stabilized on the third psychic circle of awareness, and there are seven of those circles of attainment. When we stabilize on the third psychic circle, we have an angel of enlightenment, a guardian of destiny, that walks with us moment to moment to help us discern the will of God. We must be stabilized on the third psychic circle and understand that Urantia, our planet, Earth, is inhabited by souls of four different universes.

The Uniqueness of Urantia (Earth)

Urantia is very unique; it is a decimal planet; it is an experimental planet. The celestial spirits chose that for us; they didn’t choose the default of Caligastia, the Planetary Prince, and they didn’t choose the default of Adam and Eve. Those defaults have helped to make the people on this planet pretty defunct mechanisms in time and space; individuals are quite out of balance in this nonreality we live in until we can create a society of true reality, something that hasn’t been on this planet for a long, long time.

The uniqueness of our planet needs to have interuniversal cultures that address the needs of all its citizens native Urantians/first-light souls and starseed. The majority of souls on this planet are native Urantians, but there are 170 million starseed over the age of eighteen (as of 1990) and millions now coming in. The starseed are not native souls; they are souls who have repersonalized over and over again on this planet, which brought to this planet the idea of reincarnation. But it goes way beyond reincarnation, and the proper term is “repersonalization.” Every soul does not repersonalize on their planet of origin. Native souls of the universe of Nebadon ascend throughout the mansion worlds of Nebadon and do not reincarnate or repersonalize as a rule. But for the starseed who have come back here, they also had a pre-existence on higher worlds of time and space. They have difficulty fitting into a lower reality, particularly the reality that is set up now by the fallen mind, the rebellious mind, that creates a mundane system that boxes in the soul. Urantians with extraterrestrial genetics also feel very bogged down in this world, because the world is made by the fallen mind to fit into an almost clone-like reality of individuals, where almost everyone becomes basically an assembly line worker in some manner.

True freedom, as Niánn was talking about, we haven’t even realized yet on this planet. We don’t know what it’s like. We have long forgotten, and many native Urantians have never even begun to realize what it is at all. For those starseed who have experienced true freedom at some level on another world of higher reality and remember to some degree that more advanced existence, they can get very frustrated because they can’t find what it is they are looking for. In their frustration and confusion they may try to find what they’re looking for through indiscriminate sex or through drugs or through any other diversion. But fulfillment in true freedom can’t be found in those things and doesn’t seem to exist. Many people, starseed and Urantian, feel trapped in a system that requires so much of them, and yet often those requirements don’t bring enjoyment or a sense of real purpose. God doesn’t set that kind of reality up for any of His children.

America was chosen by Christ Michael to be the country with the responsibility of receiving and disseminating the Fifth Epochal Revelation (The URANTIA Book) to the people of our planet. Why America? Why wasn’t South Africa chosen, or even England, or Spain, or France, or Romania? Why did the Creator Son of our universe decide to have the Fifth Epochal Revelation brought through American vessels? Why the Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation through me, an American originally born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? Had I not come into my cosmic mind, I never would have realized that I was actually once born in a universe called Avalon on a planet called Tora and that my point of origin is not this world. In order for me to begin to understand my cosmic mind I had to be willing to step out of the fallen system because the fallen system says, “Hey, you can’t go that far in your mind. You are a rebel or a goofy “space cadet.”

When we begin to come into our cosmic minds and really begin to study epochal revelation, and particularly Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation that addresses the starseed and the various ascension plans of three other Creator Sons, that can cause conflict. “Three other Creator Sons! What? Well, there’s only one Creator Son, and that’s the second person of the trinity (the Christians say) that’s Jesus Christ. How can you possibly believe that there are 700,000 Creator Sons, each one creating their own universe? So many still think Earth is the center of all things and that there aren’t other inhabited worlds out there in space.

I have written an article [”The Americans Are Coming; Spiritualution is on its Way”] that further addresses what is needed to begin to build sustainable societies worldwide.

August 27, 2000

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